Programme break for redesign,
to be resumed second half of 2024

Entrepreneurship Programme

Fostering inclusive and social entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

  • Originally launched in 2016, currently undergoing redesign

  • Bilingual (German/English)

The programme supports people with refugee and migrant background in starting their own business or social project in Switzerland, nurturing their talents and facilitating their path to social inclusion and economic integration.

The goals of the programme are to provide foundational skills in entrepreneurship and prototyping, preparing participants for market entry in Switzerland market (to delete) by expanding their local networks and equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop their business plan and start-up deck.

Delivered by external experts, the programme content is customised to meet the needs of individuals with refugee and migrant backgrounds aspiring to start their own ventures. Participants are integrated into our community and receive personalized mentoring as they progress towards market entry.

The people we work with

People with refugee and migrant backgrounds with aspirations to launch their own initiative

  • From non-EU/EFTA countries (or from countries at risk of humanitarian crisis)

  • With an interesting, viable initiative (for-profit or non-profit) as well as the motivation and time to commit to its implementation

  • B2 level German or English


  • Residence permit (S, F, B, C)

Corporate Volunteer Engagement

An essential aspect of the programme is the provision of personalised 1:1 mentoring, where entrepreneurs are paired with volunteer employees from corporate partners based on expertise, business requirements, and personal preferences. This matching process, facilitated by Capacity, ensures a mutually beneficial partnership. Mentors commit to dedicating at least four hours per month to support entrepreneurs, whether online or in person.

This collaboration cultivates solidarity, strengthens social cohesion, and fosters lasting personal connections within our expanding community of participants and volunteers.

Do you meet the participation criteria?

We are currently developing our future programme and will gladly keep you updated as soon as we have news. 

Generali Awards 2023
Winner in the “Jury” category

Maha Khalil – Our Hub
A community that offers events and integration assistance specifically for women.

Generali Jury
CEO, Chief HR, Head of Strategy & Sustainability, Chief Innovation Officer House of Insurtech Switzerland, Präsidentin The Human Safety Net Switzerland

Focus: Greatest impact on society, marketability & economic potential, best pitch.

Winner in the “Employees” category

Mariia Sitko – HEMP Workwear

Environmentally friendly, comfortable and stylish: workwear made from hemp textiles. Hemp helps reduce water consumption and minimise pollutants.

Generali Employee Award
The employees voted for the pitch they found most promising.

Many thanks to the jury and employees of Generali and to The Human Safefty Net for their support.

We thank our programme Partner for 2024

New partners welcome

Interested in supporting and advancing our new entrepreneurship programme as a partner?
Please contact us.

Ahson Javaid
Participant Entrepreneurship Programme 2022 and founder of

Thank you to the Capacity team for building my confidence. Thank you for helping me realise that I can do it, and thank you for giving me an opportunity to connect with valuable peers.

Get to know the entrepreneurs and their start-up ideas