Carlos Robles &

Daniella Schweizer

2020 Launch Entrepreneurs

“Step light to go further”

We plan to offer a variety of services aimed at improving the way we, as humans, relate to the environment to change from a mostly degrading relation to a restorative relationship. We plan to offer three types of services:

1. Consultancy Service on potential ways in which companies can invest in forest recovery projects to compensate their carbon footprint.

2. Native Species Gardening service to help individuals and companies recreate habitat for native species in their private gardens.

3. Modules of Environmental Education with hands-on activities that adults and children can do to reconnect with their environment.

These three services will serve for the grounding of a sustainability center, where researchers and laypeople can come together and develop projects to improve the sustainability of their surrounding environment.

Tel: +41 76 296 57 34

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