Ju Yeun Lee

2018 Entrepreneur

Tal Gong Gan | The open peaceful space from which learning and creativity are born

Ju Yeun Lee comes from South Korea, where Korean children are raised to appreciate the physical benefit of tea and the social dimension of the “tea houses” which she believes is inherently inclusive and informal. With her friend Janine, who is in the hospitality business, Ju started the project “탈공간(Tal Gong Gan).” In Tal Gong Gan, the meeting rooms are transformed into peaceful, welcoming spaces where creativity and ideas are meant to give birth and flow. They believe that open, friendly and nurturing spaces where tea is readily available and meticulously presented in fine, colourful and beautifully designed ceramics will foster innovation, clarity and will ultimately reduce stress. Their holistic approach will nurture well-being and creativity.

Contact details:

Tel: +41 78 711 8727
Email: ju.lee.zuerich@icloud.com

Tal Gong Gan Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TalGongGan/
Tal Gong Gan Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/talgonggan/

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