Nadia Steiner

2019 Boost Entrepreneur


Nadia stands for mother’s confidence.
That mothers are ready for every situation and they are confident in how do they look and feel.
Nadia creates innovative and social responsible diaper bags designed and tested in Switzerland.
Why is it innovative?
MehrAlsMami is a weightless, machine washable diaper bag that has 26 variations, changing size from 19 to 25 litres and style from business to sporty.
Why is it socially responsible?

MehrAlsMami exploring the world and increasing a social impact by creating a longer life cycle for our diaper bags.
Every MEHRALSMAMI diaper bag can have a second life:
1. Diaper bag could be used as a business bag mom and dad.
2. The Thermo box could be used as a toddler backpack.

With a new conceptMehrAlsMami Plants!
One MehrAlsMami Diaper Bag = One Tree

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