Teferi Kassa

2018 Entrepreneur

Tripple-jump | Socio-Economic Counselling for Refugees

Drawing on his own experience of exile in Switzerland, Teferi wants to make sure that the time young refugees from Africa spent in Switzerland waiting for the permit to stay, is not a time wasted. Lack of work permits, language and vocational skills together with the length of the application process and the stress caused by the uncertainty of what the future holds, make the youth idle.

In order to support a better socio-economic integration of young African refugees in Switzerland, Teferi’s non-profit called “Dreisprung” trains the youth in metal work and upcycling of hospital and mobility aid appliances. Besides providing vocational skills, life skills and language training, the organization sends the products gained through upcycling to the Horn of Africa where mobility aid appliances and hospital devices are highly needed.

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