Learning and sharing - for an inclusive society

  • Together, we strive to forge a future abundant with opportunities for all.

Capacity stands for cooperation, valuing the exchange of knowledge and dialogue with all stakeholders and further social actors. We firmly believe that through this collaborative approach, we can harness collective wisdom, fostering mutual growth and achievement. 

Maintaining transparent communication, we consistently extend invitations to our partners for engaging in dialogue sessions, cultivating strong collaborative ties.

Social recognition

Honoured with the Swiss Diversity Award 2023 in the “Education & Social Background” category.


We highly value open communication with our partners, and they are always welcome to visit our project activities.

Capacity events

Our events are open to the public, and our partners consistently play an integral and active role in them.

Curdin Duschletta
UBS; Head Social Impact & Philanthropy Switzerland

9 years of partnership, mutual trust and support, openness and appreciation. A unique combination of determination and dedication, kindness and compassion is what makes Capacity as special as it is. To see their work being recognized more and more by other companies and institutions makes us happy. How great that refugees and migrants here in Switzerland can continue to count on Capacity. We will continue to count on them too.

We are the people we serve

We comprise a diverse team, with the majority of us having migrant or refugee experience. We are familiar with the challenges of accessing employment in the Swiss labour market. Essentially, we are the people we serve.

We find great satisfaction in the ongoing positive feedback we receive from participants long after the programme concludes. Every suggestion for improvement is carefully reviewed, and we continuously strive to enhance our services for the interest of our community.

Qiao-Fang Chen
Access Fast Track Participant

I admire all your efforts that you have made to make this a sustainable programme. It has benefited lots of participants who were lost in searching for a job!

Quality and impact

To guarantee and enhance project quality, Capacity adopts an impact-oriented approach, aligning project efforts with a predefined impact model featuring specific indicators.

Evaluations are conducted by experts from the Institute for Work and Technology (IAT) in Gelsenkirchen (D) aimed at assessing the extent to which projects meet their objectives.