Yuan Gössi

2021 Boost Entrepreneur


SukkuS is a nursery of succulent plants, combined with beautiful handmade plant pots. Yuan’d love everyone to experience growing plants and reconnect with nature in this over-digitalised era. Succulents vary hugely in shape, colour and size. As they require little space, time and water, there is a succulent for everyone – even if you have never grown a plant in your life before!

They love: 

  1. Plants – all of them, but especially succulents.              
  2. Earth – protecting the natural habitat of native plant species is our main focus. SukkuS also loves the muddy earth that can turn into unique and beautiful artisan pots by a skilled hand.             
  3. People – plants can purify your air, decorate your home, and calm your spirit. They believe that even the smallest plant can bring you big joy!

They don’t love: Plastic
Traditional nurseries use a lot of plastics. They will not. Their plants are mostly grown in clay pots.

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Instagram: @sukkus.ch

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