For greater equality of opportunities and increased participation

Capacity is a non-profit organisation based in Zurich, established by a group of passionate locals and people with a migrant background in 2015. Our aim is to overcome long-term unemployment and the deskilling of people with refugee or migrant backgrounds through creative and innovative solutions.

In our two projects Access Fast Track and Entrepreneurship, we support people with refugee and migrant backgrounds to independently shape their social and professional future in Switzerland. We create spaces of belonging for our participants and promote the (re)building of life structures.

Programme Team Access Fast Track

The Access Fast Track programme team comprises professionals with specialised backgrounds in migration, social policy, psychology, talent development, recruitment and communications. With extensive experience working with vulnerable populations and expertise in establishing labour market initiatives, the team is well-equipped to support programme participants effectively.

Programme Team Entrepreneurship

 The project team oversees both the project content and the management of relationships with participants, partners and trainers. Trainers professionally guide participants towards achieving learning objectives. Additionally, the team moderates group activities both online and offline.

We are in the process of restructuring our programme for 2024, with plans for a relaunch scheduled for second half of 2024.

Supporting functions

The team handles fundraising, partnerships, financing, HR, management, governance, IT, and representation of Capacity at network events.

Some team members assume dual roles or are supported by experienced colleagues to execute activities critical to the organisation’s overall functioning.

Capacity is committed to fostering an inclusive society that offers opportunities to all, irrespective of background. In our project implementation, we purposefully bridge the gap between individuals with refugee and migrant backgrounds and corporate partners who embrace social responsibility, along with their employees who volunteer in our initiatives.

Through the steadfast support of volunteer efforts, our target groups gain exposure to and appreciation for diversity, prompting introspection into their own behavioural patterns.

Co-founders and
honorary members

Capacity’s work over the years has only been possible thanks to the commitment of dedicated people to whom we are very grateful.

Co-founder and honorary member

Co-founder and honorary member

Co-founder and honorary member